ELECTRONIC TESTING: Walls, Roofs, Floors

Energy Survey Dublin’s BER assessments include Electronic testing of walls, roofs and floors. Our methods are non-invasive, non-disruptive and very economical compared to element replacement or costly water damage repairs. Energy Survey use a variety of non-destructive technologies for building diagnostics such as:

Thermography – The use of a high resolution infra red thermal camera (FLIR E6) to pinpoint areas of thermal inefficiencies (cold spots) most commonly associated with wet or absent insulation within the building envelope. We commonly use thermal cameras during the final BER survey of New Dwellings (Part L) or after any envelope upgrades (External insulation, internal dry-lining, etc), to determine any areas of heat loss.

Electrical Impedance scan – This electronic meter (Tramex RWS) can detect very low moisture levels within walls and roof assemblies (insulation, membrane layers, VCL) – indicating the presence of localised leaks.

High & low voltage testing – These test methods can find the smallest of pinholes in roofing membranes, minimising future problems with the roofing element.
In addition to testing, we are experts in U-Value calculations and condensation risk analysis. Email us any questions or queries you may have.

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